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Making Beautiful Rings Using Art Clay

Posted on October 10 2012 by admin

Being able to create beautiful rings using Art Clay is a talent that is not too hard to grasp. Once you practice and are able to perfect your art, then you will be able to create brilliant rings with all types of designs and additions that you can give as gifts to others or sell [...]

Choker Necklace

Posted on September 24 2012 by admin

Choker necklace are neck-hugging necklaces. In other words it should fit very close to the neck. In ancient times, both male and female used to wear this attractive neck jewellery and the craze for it still continues in today’s fashionable world. This marvellous jewellery encircles the throat like a collar instead of draping down to [...]

Crystal Jewellery- Latest fashion Jewellery

Posted on September 17 2012 by admin

Gold and Diamond jewellery are very famous in all the section of society. Many people prefer jewellery made up of gold. Normally gold jewellery is designed in a traditional way. But now people are switching to fashion jewellery as prices of gold and diamond are increasing day by day. According to your outfits, jewellery is [...]

Lip Rings- Unique and Meaningful

Posted on July 12 2012 by admin

Persons throughout time have used facial jewellery for numerous uses such as to represent status in a clan. Historically particular genders were encouraged to beautify themselves with facial adornment, such as lip rings, as part of a gender-specific norm. In several clans, facial adornment is an accepted part of familiar accessorizing, not actually a preference. [...]

Unique And Stylish Pandora Jewellery

Posted on July 5 2012 by admin

Pandora jewellery is usually a special jewellery method. This one among a variety style design have its roots within a Greek mythology and come into fashion in 1996 in Denmark. What’s standard for Pandora jewellery is the fact that it has three segments divided by two threaded factors. A whole piece consists of thread, chain, [...]

Selling Valuable Jewellery with a History In View

Posted on June 15 2012 by admin

Do you intend to buy vintage jewellery? If you do not mind the usually higher price, you should get your own frm antique jewellery shops. Vintage jewellery stores stick to strict standards when it comes to marketing this sort of jewellery and they likewise keep the high quality higher by making sure that the precious [...]

Diamond Bridal Jewellery-Makes Your Moments Special

Posted on June 8 2012 by admin

Getting married is the dream of every woman. It is the most memorable occasion in her life and she wants to look both beautiful and glamorous on this special day. For this day, bride chooses each and every thing very carefully, according to her taste and style. She wants everything to be organized to perfection. [...]

The Best Place to Buy Inexpensive Costume Jewellery

Posted on June 6 2012 by admin

Inexpensive costume jewellery is something that anyone can purchase and this will help you to get everything you need at a great affordable price. Jewellery is something that every woman wants, however many people do not want to spend a lot of money on jewellery. Your taste may change or even your style and you [...]

Diamond Jewellery to You Style Spark

Posted on May 9 2012 by admin

Jewellery, the en vogue is done according to the different personalities, features and build. Aesthetic BREW precious metals, precious stones and more all unique design, made in a beautiful jewel sometimes would look like as it was made in mind. Well this is what you feel when you get a look at some of the [...]

The Most Effective Gold Jewellery for Men

Posted on May 5 2012 by admin

These days, gold bands for men have become very popular in which some of them do not actually live without wearing jewellery. They are not a whole lot of in to style in the previous time, however in the current globe; you will find nearly every guy wearing the band first purpose or perhaps the [...]

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